Saskatchewan Field of Dreams
Learn About the Initiative

Learn About the Initiative

The purpose of this fundraiser is to collectively pool our SGI rebates & other donations together to help acquire, protect, and preserve endangered grasslands by working with Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC). ‘This initiative turns our unexpected SGI rebates (and other donations) into a permanent legacy by conserving grasslands for many future generations and species. Such a project is scalable (we can get as many donations as we can and it will all go explicitly towards land acquisition). NCC can parlay those funds into up to three times more with government & other organization matching funds programs. NCC is trusted & established with a successful track record. Because this is a collective action, but done individually, people are eligible for a tax receipt and may adjust their donations accordingly; for instance, “The combined federal and provincial tax credit for charitable donations is 44% after your first $200 donated. Given this, if these funds are directed to a qualified charity, a person could donate $500, costing them $280 out-of-pocket, so still be ahead. Or one could donate their $285 and receive a tax refund of $125.40.” This initiative is open to non-SGI-rebate recipients as well!

Grasslands are among the world’s most endangered ecosystems. Learn more at

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